Toy Safety Eyes

If your finding it hard to find safety eyes for your toys in your local area then you can buy them online. I’ve compiled a list of some on-line shops where you can purchase safety eyes.

UK Sellers
Purple Linda Crafts

US/Canadian Sellers
Disco joints
Harvey’s Hobby Hut
Bears & Bedtime

International Sellers
Suncatcher eyes
CR Crafts
Enami Eyes
JNC Shop
SA Planet
Planet June

♥ Raynor

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3 Responses to Toy Safety Eyes

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks SO much for putting this list together. I’ve been having a terrible time trying to find eyes in the correct size online or in a craft store. I hadn’t found the US ones you list but it looks like one of them has everything I need! Thanks again.

  2. biddypunk says:

    That’s great! Thanks.

  3. Awesome, thank you. I’ve been looking for sites that are reasonable with reasonable shipping too.